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Measure It


一款即時、方便、準確的測量工具。Measure It教你如何透過移動線段,並馬上得知物體長度

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作者: 施岱伶、廖書萱、林修妤、賀靖雅、陳玠含
更新日期: 2015-01-27

Product Description

Quick & User-Friendly & Accurate 曾經想要測量物品,身邊卻沒有量尺 還在苦惱你是無"尺"之徒嗎? 『 Measure It ! 』,解決你的困擾 一款即時、方便、準確的測量工具 讓你的需求被滿足,問題被解決 讓馬來貘教你如何 Measure It ! 「 簡單步驟123,輕鬆搞定Measure It ! 」 1. 拿出隨手可得身邊物品 ex:百元紙鈔、悠遊卡 2. 同時拍下想要測量的物品和比對物品 3. 拉長線段,即可馬上得知物體長度 讓生活中的測量事不再成為煩惱你的事! Did you ever want to measure item's length but no ruler besides you? "Measure It!" will solve your problem. A real-time, convenient and accurate measure tool is now on market. Our app will meet your needs ,and solve your problems. Let our mascot : "Malayan tapir" teach you how to use our app: "Measure It" "Simple step one two three, measure everything easily " 1. Take one available material around you to be the scale. ex: creadit card. 2. Place the scale you just chose besides the item you want to measure, and then take a picture. 3. Drag the line segment, then you can get the accurate length result. Let measuring jobs no longer a trouble! You should really try it right now!! Let's try it!